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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


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When I want the latest in Narnia News, movie or otherwise, I can find it, as well as lots of other fun things on these two sites:

Narnia Web
The Lion's Call



Chef Gianna said...

I like that post! It is very helpful. Where do you find all those narnia type sites?

Queen Lucy said...

My two favorite websites!

Queen Lucy

kittikat said...

Dear Readers,
I see I have some response required comments-my favorite!!
To Queen Lucy: I love them, too, little sis!

To Chef Gianna: Actually,I heard of them through my friend's site (Queen Lucy)!
Q. Susan

samarah said...

I love those sites! :)
love in Christ,

Chef Gianna said...

Cool! thanks for the help!

Chef Gianna said...

thanks for the help kitikat!

Näna said...

Yeah, the're awesome. So is Google for that matter...but we're not talking about that.