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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


Here are a few more edited pictures. Feel free to use any of them as long as when used publicly, you: 1) notify me, and 2) link the pictures back to this blog. Thank you!

This picture is to capture and remeber C.S.Lewis's rarely remembered subtitle of Prince Caspian:
Here are some separates of the Pevensies:



And Lucy
And here are the four ancient sovereigns:

And lastly, a picture that took me many tries to get so that the banner isn't in either Peter or Edmund's faces:

I see here that poor Edmund's face has been cut off by my small writing space. But, if you click on the picture, it will open into it's own window and you can see the whole thing... no offence, Ed.;)


My Imaginary Horse said...

Cool pictures! I think my favorite one is of Lucy it is very cute! :)

Im Christ

Näna said...

Really? Feminine Susan!?! Just kidding;) Love you.