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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


And the winners are...

Here are the long (but not too long, I hope) results of the Caption Contest!!

Picture Number 1 
and the winner is:


The other entries were:

Lucy:"Please, please, PLEASE can I have one of those presents?"~Saxon

Tumnus: (thinking) "She's awfully small... maybe she really IS a dwarf..." ~Lizzy Bennet

"You know Mr. Tumnus, I've seen you every day for TWO WEEKS!"~Titty and Marie

Picture Number 2:
and the winner is:

Other entries were:

Peter:"I might as well get back to bossing people about. Caspian! At ease! Nooooooo your doing attention!" Peter groans.~Vellvin

Peter: (thinking to himself while laughing) "He thinks... my sister... *chuckle* is pretty!"~Lizzy Bennet

Peter: "Hey, look at this!" 
CX: "Can we just get back to the duel already and look at rocks later?"~Nana

Peter - "Aw, what a cute little bug! That's the sweetest little ladybug I've ever seen!"
Caspian - "*Now* Peter's in love with bug....I knew he'd be a strange high king."~Jo March

"All right, who put peanut butter on my sandwich!"~Titty and Marie
Picture Number 3:
and the winner is:
Lizzy Bennet!

if you can't read this, here is what it says:

Susan: (thinking) "Really, just because something over in that direction is interesting doesn't mean you ALL have to go look at it. It's probably just a dryad dancing a hula! NO REASON FOR YOU ALL TO IGNORE THE BEAUTIFUL GOWN I AM CURRENTLY WEARING. Why, people, why?!"

Other entries:

What in the world can that be!~Titty and Marie

Picture Number 4:
and the winner is:
Titty and Marie!

Other entries:
Lucy: "Look at that house!! What a piece of JUNK!!~Saxon

Lucy:" What a terrible house! Peter:" I remember we used to live in a house like that." Edmund:" We must have been complete weirdos!!~Vellvin

Lucy: I don't feel that good...

Peter: Lucy, you alright?

Mrs. M: Stick your head out the window!

Susan: Um, there isn't a window...

Mrs. M: Don't bother me with details!~Nana

"Uh, are we supposed to be smiling?"~Jo March
Picture Number 5:
and the winner is:
Jo March!
Other Entries:

Lucy: "Peter, that beaver looks really scary." 
Peter: "You're right. Ed, hand me that machine gun you've got in your coat."~Saxon
Susan:" Give us some warmth Peter!" 
Lucy:" Yes give us some warmth!" 
Peter:" Back off! I'm keeping my body warmth to myself!"~Vellvin

 Peter: "So, who wants to be the first on the menu at Wolf a la Cuisine?"~Lizzy Bennet


This is what happens when Mr Beaver skips bath day.~Nana

Uh-oh. That dragon again. Hide!~Titty and Marie

Well Done, everyone!!

*Anyone is welcome to take and share any of the pictures here...remember though, that the content is not mine.The names of the enterers (is that a word?) is printed on the picture. The pictures are from Walden Media and Disney and the words from my readers. So please use wisely.*

I hope you all had fun!

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Aslan be with you!