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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


What Narnia Character are YOU?

On this site, I took the quiz to see who I was most like. This is the most accurate I've found yet. It is a bit long (55 questions) but well worth it!

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High King Peter

This picture was made for you, Peter.
You know who you are:)
Happy Un-Birthday!


Dare to Compare!

Okay, so mine isn't EXACTLY like hers, but I like it.!!!

Backstage pic! Only slightly altered:)

Hope this makes you laugh!


What do they think?

I've thought about this... do the actors of Narnia really get what they are representing? I like the way Lucie Manette put it in this post: Read it here!

In comment to her post, did they realize that all reigning equally under Aslan pictures when we will all rule equally under Christ in the Millennial reign? Also, we as children of God are royalty-after all He is the King of kings and LORD of lords!

Furthermore, did they realize that each of them represent a different kind of Christian Life?

Peter The Magnificent represents the victorious christian.

Susan the Gentle represents the sometimes doubtful, always"safe" one who falls away in time of trouble or doubt.

Edmund the Just represents the one who was forgiven much and so loves much, and is always after faithful.

Lucy the Valiant represents (As Lucie pointed out) the ever faithful one with childlike faith, the faith we all are to have and so many times fail so utterly.

Lastly, did the director, Andrew Adamson, realize all he was telling them to do? He so vibrantly captures so much and yet is CLUELESS!

Sad, but true...


Pics and Blends

This first one, I did NOT make. I found it online and loved it and wanted to share it with you!

These ones, I did.

I love this single of Susan.

Susan Background

High King Peter background

Lucy background

Edmund background

Another single of Susan that I love

You are welcome to right-click and use any of these pictures!