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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


Salvation in Narnia--- Lord Rhoop

Lord Rhoop's story was, I believe, promised to you in the last post. Rhoop had a past of loyalty to his king and country- Caspian IX and Narnia, respectively. When Miraz the usurped Caspian IX's throne and authority, he sent Lord Rhoop along with 6 other Telmarine lords on a quest to seek out new lands...or so he said. Miraz successfully got these last 7 faithful out of the way. Along their journey, they left 1 lord where he chose to settle down, 2 died under questionable circumstances and 3 were found, much later, sleeping under enchantment at Aslan's table. But the lord Rhoop had neither death, marriage, or dreamless sleep...he was pulled in by a mighty lure...pleasure.

When hearing of the Island Where Dreams Come True, Rhoop was enticed by the idea of a life of dreams; of an un-reality, so to speak. A life where nothing bad ever happens. A life of painlessness. A life where all you have to do to escape an ugly situation is simply wake up. At least, that 's what he thought. He was dreadfully wrong.

In actuality, the Island Where Dreams Come True was a land of torment, of nightmares.

Real. Life. Nightmares.

Rhoop's folly led in a man who rapidly became weak, frail, white-haired and wide-eyed with fear. Sleep would be sweet to a man taunted in real life by his own nightmares. But he could not get it. His only way of escape would be to leave...but how? How he survived in this land, we're not told, and it doesn't really matter. When he is beginning to leave on The Dawn Treader, he realizes he CANNOT leave. No one can...

Except Aslan.

Only the Son of the Emperor over the sea could bring one out...and he does. And wonder of wonders...


Oh, how beautiful.

Jesus is the rest you need. Come to him. It's that simple. Just let go of all you think you've got. He is the living water. He is the Way, Truth and Life. He is El-Roi the God Who Sees Me, and El-Shaddai, the Almighty who nourishes us. Never again can we return to a state of being out of our Father's hands!

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