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"...The Lion of the tribe of Juda..." ~Revelation 5:5


And the winners are...

Here are the long (but not too long, I hope) results of the Caption Contest!!

Picture Number 1 
and the winner is:


The other entries were:

Lucy:"Please, please, PLEASE can I have one of those presents?"~Saxon

Tumnus: (thinking) "She's awfully small... maybe she really IS a dwarf..." ~Lizzy Bennet

"You know Mr. Tumnus, I've seen you every day for TWO WEEKS!"~Titty and Marie

Picture Number 2:
and the winner is:

Other entries were:

Peter:"I might as well get back to bossing people about. Caspian! At ease! Nooooooo your doing attention!" Peter groans.~Vellvin

Peter: (thinking to himself while laughing) "He thinks... my sister... *chuckle* is pretty!"~Lizzy Bennet

Peter: "Hey, look at this!" 
CX: "Can we just get back to the duel already and look at rocks later?"~Nana

Peter - "Aw, what a cute little bug! That's the sweetest little ladybug I've ever seen!"
Caspian - "*Now* Peter's in love with bug....I knew he'd be a strange high king."~Jo March

"All right, who put peanut butter on my sandwich!"~Titty and Marie
Picture Number 3:
and the winner is:
Lizzy Bennet!

if you can't read this, here is what it says:

Susan: (thinking) "Really, just because something over in that direction is interesting doesn't mean you ALL have to go look at it. It's probably just a dryad dancing a hula! NO REASON FOR YOU ALL TO IGNORE THE BEAUTIFUL GOWN I AM CURRENTLY WEARING. Why, people, why?!"

Other entries:

What in the world can that be!~Titty and Marie

Picture Number 4:
and the winner is:
Titty and Marie!

Other entries:
Lucy: "Look at that house!! What a piece of JUNK!!~Saxon

Lucy:" What a terrible house! Peter:" I remember we used to live in a house like that." Edmund:" We must have been complete weirdos!!~Vellvin

Lucy: I don't feel that good...

Peter: Lucy, you alright?

Mrs. M: Stick your head out the window!

Susan: Um, there isn't a window...

Mrs. M: Don't bother me with details!~Nana

"Uh, are we supposed to be smiling?"~Jo March
Picture Number 5:
and the winner is:
Jo March!
Other Entries:

Lucy: "Peter, that beaver looks really scary." 
Peter: "You're right. Ed, hand me that machine gun you've got in your coat."~Saxon
Susan:" Give us some warmth Peter!" 
Lucy:" Yes give us some warmth!" 
Peter:" Back off! I'm keeping my body warmth to myself!"~Vellvin

 Peter: "So, who wants to be the first on the menu at Wolf a la Cuisine?"~Lizzy Bennet


This is what happens when Mr Beaver skips bath day.~Nana

Uh-oh. That dragon again. Hide!~Titty and Marie

Well Done, everyone!!

*Anyone is welcome to take and share any of the pictures here...remember though, that the content is not mine.The names of the enterers (is that a word?) is printed on the picture. The pictures are from Walden Media and Disney and the words from my readers. So please use wisely.*

I hope you all had fun!

Here is your participation award!

Post a comment to let me know what you Narnians though of the contest!
Aslan be with you!


Lizzy Bennet said...

Oh, that was so much fun, Queen Su! They were all very good. Thanks for hosting!

Love in Christ,

Maiden Warrior said...

Neat! I would like to try in another caption contest. Where did you find the pictures???? Those are fun though I didn't know how to do one until now!!!!


Saxon said...

Hey that was fun!! Thanks for hosting it Queen Susan!!

Siminy said...

Oh they are funny! Well done to those who captioned them!

Anonymous said...

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She is hosting a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate. And she is going to give it to the person that can round up the most followers! So, please go over and follower her, and say that Elizabeth@ sent you.

God Bless



Eldarwen said...

Kittikat: the results for my Movie Quote Quiz will be up on Sunday the 11th (of July). That would be this Sunday. :)

God's Cowgirl said...

"He started it!.. =)Haha!

Anonymous said...

*giggles* "He started it!" "No, YOU started it", sounds like my brother and sister somedays! Nice job on the captions!

P.s. You might recognize me by Maiden Warrior or Kelly.